Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Vol. 11, Issue 1, JAN – MAR 2017


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Reorganization of Human Life

Kamran Aziz

Unobtrusive Health Hazards


Pollen Allergy? Unobtrusive Health Hazards

Naveed Ahmad Shuja

Original Articles


Frequency of Laryngospasm following Extubation with and without Propofol at Extubation in Paediatric Patients Undergoing Tonsillectomy

MazharIqbal, MisbahQayyum, Muhammad Rashid



Efficacy of B-Lynch for Uterine Atony - Experience in PESSI Hospital Lahore Pakistan

NajmaParveen, RomanaLatif, SaimaArfique, TahiraYasmeen, SadiaChauhdry



An Analysis of Prevalence and Indications of Caesarean Section in Primigravida

R Latif,SRafique,MAshfaq,TYasmeen,SJavaid, N Perveen A Rasheed,ZKalsoom, M Bashir, S Ch.SMalik



A study on Post-Dengue Depression

Sajjad Ali, SaimaShaikh, Rehan Anwar Chaudhry



Hypothyroidism Screening in Menopausal Women

SaimaShaikh, Sajjad Ali, SadiaSajjad



How does Moslem Community Apply the Tahneek to the babies?

Indrayani M Keb, HimnahKhodijah, NelilMudarris, AgusRahmadi, Anung Al Hamat, Junifar Ali



Evaluation of Results of Operative Treatment of Hip Dysplasia in Children after walking age

Muhammad Kamran Siddiqui, Muhammad Kamran Shafi, Bashir Qaisrani



The Knowledge and Practice of Various Contraceptive Methods for Family Planning among Married Males in Down Town Area of Lhr AwaisGohar, Naim Ahmad Nizami, Asif Aziz Lodhi, Muhammad FahimulHaq



Post-Stroke Delirium: Prognostic Variability between Anterior Circulation Strokes and Posterior Circulation Strokes "SEEK and DESTROY!"

Naurose Ali, Altaf Qadir Khan, Aurangzeb Afzal, Mudassar Abbas



Dealing with Depression in End Stage Renal Disease, EscitalopramvsNortryptyline

Aurangzeb Afzal, Naurose Ali, Faiqa Zafar, Fainan Ayub, Adnan Zafar, Amjad Lillah



Diastolic Dysfunction on Echocardiography in patients with End Stage Renal Disease

Aurangzeb Afzal, Abbas Aftab, Azhar Khakwani, Fainan Ayub, Adnan Zafar



Interaction between Serum Thrombomodulin and Serum CRP Levels in Predicting IHD

Muhammad Akbar Mughal, Muhammad AdilRamzan, Syeda Asiya Parveen



Intestinal Tuberculosis Still a Diagnostic Challenge for the present day surgeon in our set up

Amna Javed, Falak Sher, Safura Mumtaz



Comparison of Depressive Symptoms in First Presentation of Schizophrenia with Normal Healthy Subjects: a hospital based study

Ayesha Rashid, Altaf Qadir Khan, Saima Majeed



Comparison of Microscopy, Culture and Histopathology in the Diagnosis of Onychomycosis.

Muhammad Wajid Khurshid Sipra, Zahid Mehmood Akhtar, Khawar Saeed Jillani



Comparison of CSF SAI with CSF Glucose and CSF proteins in Bacterial and Viral Meningitis

Najamuddin, Syed RazaJaffar, Fawad Sana, Anwar Magsi



Determine of Frequency of Local Infection Following Peg Tube Insertion in Cancer Patients

Syed Zohaib Maqbool, Rehan Anwar, Shehzad Bashir



Morbidity in Thyroid Surgery;Comparison between Muscle Cutting and Without Muscle Cutting

Adnan Maqbool, Ansar Latif, Aslam Iqbal, Faisal Shabbir, Muhammad Qasim Butt



Outpatients Attendance in a tertiary care hospital; is the referral justified or not?

Mujahid Ali, AnsarLatif, Rana Mozammil Shamsher Khan, Faisal Shabbir, Muhammad Qasim Butt



Frequency of Various Types of Cerebral Palsy amongst Children at a Tertiary Care Hospital and Retrospective Etiologic Analysis on the Basis of History, Examination and Laboratory Support

Zulfiqar Ali, Saima Umar, Azher Abbas Shah, Abdul Basit, Afsheen Oneeb, Hafiz Muhammad Irfan



Effect of Surgical Correction of PectusExcavatum on Pulmonary Function Tests

Aamir Mahmud Ijaz, Syed Muhammad Raza Naqvi



Screening for Nicotine Dependence and Smoking Behaviour in General Surgical Patients

Raheel Aziz, Bushra Mubarika Butt, Mansab Ali, Amir Usman



Preoperative Anxiety and Need for Information in General Surgical Patients

Raheel Aziz, Bushra Mubarika Butt, Mansab Ali, Amir Usman



Outcomes of DesardaVs Lichtenstein Repair for Inguinal Hernia

Ameer Afzal, ShahzadYousaf



Audit of Maternal Mortality at Aziz BhattiShaheed Teaching Hospital, Gujrat

SyedaShaistaWaheed, M. Naeem Dilawar Kazmi, Sakeena Naeem



A Descriptive Study to Evaluate the Role of B-Lynch Suture in Controlling PPH

Syeda Shaista Waheed, M. Naeem Dilawar Kazmi, Sakina Naeem



Effect of Semen Characteristics on Outcome of Intra Uterine Insemination

Ayesha Azam Khan, Naheed Bashir, Raza Akram, Ahmed Mahmood Mazhar



An experience of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy from Secondary Care Center of Pakistan

Muhammad Nadeem Aslam, Farooq Butt, Saima Ashraf



Clinical Presentations of Type II Diabetes

Sarah Shoaib Qureshi, Wasim Amer, Mehreen Farooq, Nasir F Butt, Z Shoaib, S Firdous, Sara



Frequency of Dyslipidemia in Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Patients

Muhammad Waqas, NasibUllah Shah, Muhammad Sadiq Achakzai, Ghias-Un-NabiTayyab



Frequency of ABO and Rh Blood Groups in Patients with Diabetes Mellitus

MunazaJ aved, Muhammad Naeem Akhtar, Shakeel Muzaffar



Study of Adverse Perinatal Outcome in Patients with Poor Biophysical Profile

Iffat Usmani, Salma Zaman, Sadia Khadim



Frequency of Acute Blood Transfusion Reactions encountered in patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Sadaf Fatima, Asma Rafique, Fatima Tehsin



Comparison of SubinguinalMicrovaricocelectomy& Retroperitoneal Varicocelectomy in reducing pain

Shahjehan, Ghulam Ghous, M. Asjad Ali, Rana M. Akhtar Khan, SajidHameed, Tanzeel Ur Rehman



Sexual Functioning and Quality of Life in Female Asthmatics

Khawar A Chaudhry, Nagia Anjum, Sara Amir



Assessment of Nutritional Status of Anemic Children

Sidra Imtiaz, Khawar A. Chaudhry, Faiza Abbas, Nagia Anjum



Friendship Concepts among Female Medical Students: A Qualitative Approach

Khawar A Chaudhry, Maryam Amjad, Nagia Anjum, Sidra Imtiaz



Trends in Development of Various Types of Lung Cancer after Cessation of Smoking

NN Zia, M.A Khokhar, M.N Tabassum, S Qamar ,IQ Tirmizi, M. Qudratullah, M Sabedin, MH. Arshad, A Anwer.



Knowledge and Perceptions of Medical Students Regarding Antibiotic Use

Kulsoom Tayyab, Iqra Shahzadi, Fatima Mukhtar, Hasnain Ali Shahid, Imran Tahir, Hussnain Gohar



Type 2 Diabetes and Following Incidence of Breast Cancer in a Group of Diabetic Women

Gul-E-Raana, Rukhshan Khurshid, Shahin Rashid



Ultrasound Detected Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Wajeeha Imran Andrabi, Mubashir Dilawar, M Ali Rauf, D S Tahir, A Yousaf, S Aleem, K Farooq



Suspect and Screen by Ultrasound for Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Pre-Diabetic Patients

Mubashir Dilawar, Wajeeha Imran Andrabi, M Ali Rauf, D S Tahir, A Yousaf, S Aleem, K Farooq



Inferior Turbinate Reduction by Infrared Coagulation - a study on surgical outcome, postopbleeding

ZafarIqbal, Ayesha Choudary, Rizwan Akbar Bajwa



Effect of Second Hand Smoke Exposure on Serum Estradiol and Progesterone Levels in women

Attiqa Khalid, Hamid Javaid Qureshi, Sadia Nazir, Khalid Pervaiz Lone



Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accidents attending Orthopedic OPD

Razia Chaudhry, Maham Javed, Khalid Javed Abid



Distribution of Clinico-pathological variants of Ameloblastoma, in a tertiary care hospital of Pakistan

BenishAleem, AfshanHussain



A Study of Risk Factors of Diabetic Foot Ulcers

Aqeel Ahmad, Khumair Asif, Muhammad Saleem, Huda Abdul Majeed, Hunz Bint-E-Athar



End To End Urethroplasty in Bulbar Stricture: Long Term Results

Naveed Iqbal. Sajid Mahmood, SaleemAkhtar



Early Outcomes of Stapled Vs Conventional Hemorrhoidectomy

Muhammad Azam Mengal, Khawaja Farooq Qasim, Fida Ahmad Baloch, Shakeel Akbar, Bilal Elahi



Role of Antimicrobial Therapy in Post Tonsillectomy Management

Ghazi Mahmood, Muhammad Sadiq, Saima Manzoor



Frequency of Control of Blood Glucose using Glycated Hemoglobin in patients suffering with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus Presenting to Mayo Hospital Lahore

Rabia Rathore, Adil Iqbal, Nasir Farooq Butt, Madiha Abbas, Tariq Waseem.



An Experimental Study to Identify the Effects of Hexavalent Chromium on Skin of Albino Rats

Aneeqa Chughtai, Muhammad Umar, Shahzad Ahmad, Shazia Iqbal



Primary VS Secondary Closure of Cutaneous Abscesses after Incision and Drainage in Diabetic Pts -

Farrukh Shahzad, Aneeqa Chughtai, Shahzad Ahmad, Muhammad Rashid



Physiological and Biochemical Role of Nigella Sativa in Hyperlipidemic Albino Rats

Shahzad Ahmad, Aneeqa Chughtai, Rizwana Hussain, Shazia Iqbal



Bentall Operation, Initial Experience at Rawalpindi Institute of Cardiology

Shahid Khalil, Nadia Maqbool



Triple Valve Replacement for Rheumatic Heart Disease

Shahid Khalil, Nadia Maqbool



Frequency of Bleeding Disordersin Teenage Girls Presenting with Menorrhagia

Sobia Mazhar, Sajjad Masood, Haider Ali Bhatti



Outcome and Patient’s Perception Following Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair

Farooq Butt, M. Nadeem Aslam, Ayesha Butt



Changing Pattern of Acute Mastoiditis

Javed Iqbal, Malik Masood Ahmad, Maroof Aziz Khan



Measure of agreement between Doppler u/s Neck/FNAC for Diagnosis of Cervical Lymphadenopathy

Khoala Riaz, Shafat Khatoon, Irum Iqbal



Feeding Practices of Infants and Young Children according to whom Indicators at Children Hospital

Muhammad Imran, Nighat Jabeen, Shafat Khatoon



Study of Knowledge Attitude and Practices of pts and their Attendants Regarding Hepatitis-B and C

Rana Arslan Mujahid, Aneeq Mujahid, Aayza Mujahid



Occurrence of Abd Ultrasonographics Findings vs CT Scan in Detection of Abd Visceral Injuries

Naveed Haider, M. Kaleem Qaisarani, Farah Kalsoom



Clinicopathological Spectrum of Endometrium in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding

SarwatRizvi, Rabia Wajid, Ghazala Saee, Anum Jafri, Rubar Haider



Pregnancy Lap Ovarian Drilling with Clomiphene resistant Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Muhammad Ramzan, Muhammad Arif Siddiq, FarzanaKausar



Comparison of Diag. Efficacy of Double Contrast Bar.Meal Exam with Endoscopy in Diagnosis of PU

Asim Rahim, Farah Kalsoom, M. Kaleem Qaisarani, M. Mustafa Ali Siddiqui, M. Mohsin Khan



To study the Visual Outcome and Complications of SICS with IOL implantation

Munir Amjad Baig,Shahid Mahmood, Rubeeya Munir, Sosan Shahid



Knowledge, Attitude, Practice of Gen.surgeons regarding Paediatric inguinal hernia and hydrocele

AsifIqbal, Asad Sharif, Abeer Asif, Somia Ilyas, TahirAnwer, Naeem Liaqat, Sajid Hameed Dar



Role of Dietary Pattern in Prevention of Osteoporosis in Post Menopausal Females

Asad Sharif, MakhdoomHussain, SomiaIlyas, AbeerAsif, M Tahir Anwar, Fozia Bashir



Comparison of Mean Duration of Post-Operative Analgesia in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Patients receiving Intra-peritoneal Bupivacaine versus Bupivacaine plus Buprenorphine

Salman Majeed Chaudhary, Shabbir Chohan, Wasif Majeed Chaudhary, Samar Ghufran



Association of Non Specific Lower Back Pain with Level of Disability among medical students of  Lahore

Syed M. Ali Shirazi, Fahad Tanveer, Sara Ehsan, HiraJabeen, Gulnaz Zaheer, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad



Anal Fissures - Open Lateral Internal Sphincterotomy

Muhammad Farrukh Aftab, Abdul Manan, ZafarIqbal Malik



Comparison of Efficacy of FerSul& Iron Polymaltose Complex in Childhood Iron Deficiency Anemiai

Muhammad Amin Sheikh, Muhammad Shah, Muhammad UsamaShakir



The Assessment of Nutritional Status of Children with Beta Thalassemia Major with Body Mass Index

Muhammad Amin Sheikh, Muhammad Usama Shakir, Muhammad Shah



Correlation between Serum TSH and Serum Ferritin in patients of Beta Thalassemia Major

M Hassam Rehim, Sajid Mustafa, Syed Khizar Abbas Rizvi



Comparison of Efficacy of MVA and Treatment in Management of 1ST Trimester Missed Miscarriage

Humaira Shaheen, Misbah Siddique Khosa, Hina Hanif



Study of IGT in Children of β-thalassemia Major: Experience at Sahiwal Medical College

Syed Khizar Abbas Rizvi, Muhammad Ali Rabbani, Sajid Mustafa



Comparison between Intravenous Iron and Oral Iron Therapy in Cases of Postpartum Anemia

Moona Razzaq, Muhammad Imran Azam, Muhammad Fakhar Naeem



Study of Vaginitis in Reproductive Age Group at THQ Hospital Jampur

Moona Razzaq, Muhammad Imran Azam, Muhammad Fakhar Naeem



Frequency of Recurrent Breast Carcinoma after Modified Radical Mastectomy

Zahid Sattar, Akhtar Mahboob, Bushra Nisar



Frequency of patients with Abnormal Celiac Serological Marker (Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase IGA) in newly Diagnosed Cases of Diabetes Mellitus-I without Gastrointestinal Tract Symptoms

Sajid Mustafa, Muhammad Ali Rabbani, M Hassam Rehim



Serum Sodium, Pot. and Calcium Levels in Children 6-59 Months of Age with Severe Ac. Malnutrition

Bilquees Fatima, Muhammad Amin Sheikh, Malik Muhammad Naeem



Cardiovascular Risk Factors for Acute Stroke

Khalil-Ur Rehman,  Muhammad Asif, Azhar Saeed



Frequency of Microalbuminuria in Diabetic Patients Presenting to Diabetic Clinic Nishtar Hospital

Nasir Jamal Khan, M. Ikram Farid, Shahzad Alam



Diagnostic Accuracy of CK19 in the Diagnosis of Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma

Samreen Hameed, Sana Afroze, Huma Aslam



Clinical Manifestations and Outcome of Acute Organophosphorous Poisoning

Mazhar Ali Naqvi, Muhammad Azhar Shah, Azhar Saeed



Frequency of Occult Nipple Involvement in Early Stage Carcinoma Breast

Manzar Ali, Ali Akbar, Naveed, Kashif



Contrast Induced Renal Dysfunction inPatients Undergoing Percutanous Coronary Intervention

Syed Muhammad Aftab Shah, Tanvir Ahmad Bhatti, Wasim Ashraf, Saqib Shafi Sh.



Profile of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Patients in UAE - A Cohort of Breathe Study

AttiqueurRehman, Mushtaq Ahmed Jaffer, Kaneez Fatima,, Mobin-Ur-Rehman



Impairments in Renal Functions in Relation with Obesity

Afsheen Akbar, Zulfiqar Ali, Asma Saeed

Case Reports


Double Aortic Arch: An Uncommon Cause of Stridor in an Infant

Mohammad Asjad Khan, Abdul Waheed, Ikram Masood



Primary Biliary Peritonitis secondary to Gallbladder Perforation: Efficacy of Laparoscopic Treatment

Farooq Butt, M. Nadeem Aslam

Letter to the Editor


Physician’s Burnout Rate at King Edward Medical University: A Cross Sectional Survey

Sagarika Kamath, Rajesh Kamath, Brayal D’Souza

Original Articles


Behavioural Problems of Tuberculosis Patients as a Cause of Delay in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Tuberculosis among the TB OPD Patients at Institute of Chest Diseases, Kotri

Abdul Sattar Memon, Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi, Abdul Hakeem Jokhio, Tehmina Anjum Bashir



Evaluating the Efficacy of RMGIC vs Conventional Glass Ionomer Cement in Terms of Success Rate

Arslan Iqbal, Muhammad Fishan, Rabia Sahar



Effect of F-75, F-100 and RUTF Supplementation in Children with Severe Malnutrition

Muhammad Ashraf, Shahid Mahmood, Muhammad Afza lChaudhry



Grades of Adenoidal Obstruction; a comparison of Clinical and radiological Assessment

Asif Manzoor, Arshad Ullah Afridi, Shahid Ghafoor Malik



Prevalence of Health Hazards Related to Obesity among Business Community of Sukkur City

Ashfaq Hussain Shah, Abdul Sattar Memon, Aijaz Hussain Memon, Tehmina Anjum Bashir



Laparoscopic Assisted Appendicectomy Versus Laparoscopic Appendicectomy

Muhammad Asif Nadeem, Muhammad Sajid Hameed Ansari, Muhammad Hasnain Iqbal



Significance of Morphometric Anatomy of Diaphyseal Nutrient Foramen in dried Pakistani Femurs

Muhammad Bakhsh Shahwani, Mian Azhar Ahmad, Lal Mohammad Khan Kakar, Nawab M Khan



Variations in the Position and Length of the Vermiform Appendix in Pakistani Population

MianAzhar Ahmad, Muhammad Tahir Ali, Nasibullah Zarkoon, Nawab Mohammad Khan



Frequency of CSF Leakage after Cage Fixation with Anterior Approach in Caries Spine Patients

Eid Muhammad, Safdar Hussain Arain, Mohammad Ishaq



Hypothyroidism in Children Suffering from Beta Thalasemia Major

HinaSabir, Sana Khalid, Kashan Arshad



Frequency of Metabolic Syndrome in Hyperuricemia

Hina Zameer, Ambreen Butt, Muhammad Rashid Ali



The Outcome of Mesh Hernioplasty in Patients with Ventral Hernias

Humera Sadaf Bugti, Khawaja Farooq Qasim, Irshad Ahmad, Muhammad Azam Mengal, Abdullah Makki



Frequency of Haemorrhagic Complications of Renal Biopsy

Irfan Elahi, Fazal-E-Mateen, Tanzee lAbbasi, Sadia Maqbool



Efficacy of Prophylactic Low Dose Ketamine and Tramadol for Prevention of Shivering During S/A

Muhammad Akram, Hassan Raza, Syed Musharraf Imam



Evaluation of the Relationship between the Prevalence of Dental Caries and Age Factor in Dental Pts

Muhammad Mudassar Shakoor, Arslan Iqbal, Muhammad Naveed



Comparison of Efficacy of Flap Anchoring with Suction Drains After Modified Radical Mastectomy

Muhammad Nadeem, QaimDeen, Khawaja Farooq Qasim



Helicobacter Pylori-induced Chronic Inflammation Leading to Gastric Mucosal Erosions in Pakistan

Muhammad Sadiq Achakzai, Osama Munir



Prevalence, Determinants And Treatment Of Depression Among Teenagers In Lahore, Pakistan

Khadija Mastoor, Muhammad Imran Ashraf, Shazana Rana, Waqas Akram, Moon Babar,Yasir Mehmood



Milligan – Morgan (Open) Haemorrhoidectomy VS Rubber band ligation

Muhamamd Tariq Saeed, Zafar Ali, Sohail Ali Khan



Emergency Treatment of Paraphimosis by Multiple Needle Puncture Technique in Children

Mohyuddin Kakar, Mobinur Rehman, Ahmad Shah



Pattern of Presentation and Diagnostic Evaluation of Breast Lumps

Qaim Deen, Shafqatullah, Uzma Intisar



Comparative Study of Open vs Close Lateral Sphincterotomy in the Management of Ch. Anal Fissure

Rab Nawaz Malik, Irfan Ahmad, Ahsan–Ur-Rehman Khan



Patient’s Preference Regarding General or Regional Anaesthesia for Elective Cesarean Section

Umaid Hussain, Amna Tahir, Yumna Javaid, Tahir Nazeer, Riaz Hussain



Disorders in Thyroid Morphology Observed in ESRD Patients on Maintenance Haemodialysis

Syed Rizwan Bokhari, Maria Rizwan Bokhari, Mahjabeen, M Z Khan Assir, H Ijaz Ahmad, S Arsalan Khalid



Obstetrical Outcome of Teenage Compared with Adult Pregnancies

Saba Fayyaz Jeelani, Shazia Jangsher, Bushra Saleem



Mean Increase in Amniotic Fluid Index in Pregnant Women After Intravenous Maternal Hydration

Saba Rehan, Nagina



Frequency of Placenta Previa in Unscarred Uterus at Nishtar Hospital, Multan

Saima Gul Bashir, Samiea Parveen, Samina Mumtaz



Frequency of Pre-Eclampsia in Obese Patients

SamieaParveen, SaminaMumtaz, SaimaGul Bashir



Role of Amniotic Fluid Index in the Management of Pregnancy Beyond 40 Weeks

SaminaMumtaz, SaimaGul Bashir, SamieaParveen



Outcome of Using Hybrid Ilizarov External Fixator in Treatment of Schatzker Tibial Plateau Fractures

Shah Nawaz, Sher Afghan, Rizwan Lodhi



Mean Decrease in Endothelial Cell Lost With Peroperative Topical Application of MMC in Pterygium Surgery

Tanvir Abbas, Asad Aslam Khan, Sardar M Ali Ayaz Sadiq



Risk Factors for Development of Obesity in Children

Wajiha Rizwan, Tariq Bhatti



Diagnostic Accuracy of Serum C-Reactive Protein Levels for the Diagnosis of Acute Appendicitis

Ahmad Raza Nsar, Summayah Niazi, Aftab Ahmad Soomro



Evaluation of the role of short term application of topical steroids in wound healing

Zulfiqar Saleem, Muhammad Omer Khan, Muhammad Nadeem, Zahid Akber Chohan



Excision of Dorsal Wrist Ganglia Under Local Anesthesia with Adrenaline without Tourniquet, and with Evacuation of The Cyst During Dissection for The Ease and Completeness of the Excision

Zulfiqar Saleem, Muhammad Omer Khan, SafdarHussain Arain, ZahidAkber Chohan



Maternal Mortality: A Multi-centre Study

Salma Zaman, Iffat Usmani, Ayesha Naeem



Management of Dentinal Hypersensitivity Using Fluoride Application and Dentine Bonding Agent: a Clinical Study to Explore the Best Outcome in Getting Relief from Pain Associated with Hypersensitivity

Muhammad Mudassar Shakoor, RafiaTayab, Muhammad Ammar Riaz



Unavailability of Av Fistulas at The Initiation of Haemodialysis In Pakistan- Limitations and Implications

Syed Rizwan Bokhari, Syed Arsalan Khalid, Mahjabeen, Maria Rizwan Bokhari, Hafiz Ijaz Ahmad



Etiological Causes of Respiratory Distress Syndrome in Full Term Neonates Presenting within 24 Hours of Life

Maryyam Nisar, Hina Sabir, ZubairAhad, Muhammad Ibrahim Ishaq



Comparison of Efficacy of Misoprostol and Dinoprostone in Inducing Labour at Term Cases

MamoonaFayaz, HumairaTabassum, Shumaila Zia



Clinical Features of Colorectal Carcinoma

Qaim Deen, Muhammad Nadeem, Khalid Azim



Vitamin D Deficiency During Pregnancy in Primigravid Females

Salma Zaman, Farrukh Bashir, MunawarAfzal



The Role of Nitazoxanide in Combination with Interferon and Ribavirin in The Treatment of Genotype 3 Hepatitis C Among Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus

Amena Moazzam, Madiha Fida, Shaista Nazeer, Ali Atif, Faisal Masud



Prevalence of Celiac Disease and Role of Anti-Tissue Transglutaminase Antibodies in Different Types of Intestinal Damage in Celiac Disease According to Marsh Classification

TahreemKashif; Ayesha Kashif, Zertaj Kashif, Aneela Arooj



Comparison of Mal-Union Between Titanium and Stainless Steel Elastic Nail Fixation of Pediatric Femoral Fractures

Shahid Mahmood, Zulfiqar Ali, Nadeem Ahsan



Frequency of Union in Cases of Subtrochanteric Femora L Fractures Treated by Fixation with Dynamic Condylar Screw System

Shahid Mahmood, Zulfiqar Ali, Muhammad Iqbal Mustafa



Study of Skull Fracture Pattern in Cases with Head Injury by Blunt Force

Tariq Azher, AsifJamil Ansari, Zameer Ahmad