Evaluation of Reasons for Partial Compliance and Non-compliance to the Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule in Al-Russafa District


  • Ali H. Azeez, Mohammed F. Khalifa




Partial compliance, Non-compliance, Routine Childhood Vaccination Schedule


Objectives: To evaluate reasons for partial compliance and non-compliance to the routine childhood vaccination schedule in Al-
Russafa district.
Methodology: Descriptive study, using the evaluation approach, is carried throughout the present study to determine the
reasons for the Routine Childhood Vaccination at health care sectors and primary health care centers at Al-Russafa District in
Baghdad City, Convenient, non-probability, sample of (90) mother who are recruited from health care sectors at Al-Russafa
District in Baghdad City. All mothers, who have participated in the study, have signed consent form for their agreements for the
participation in the study. An interview-schedule is constructed for the purpose of the study. The study instrument is constructed
through review of relevant literature. It is comprised of reasons responsible for partial compliance and Reasons for Noncompliance
to the routine childhood vaccination schedule. Content validity and internal consistency reliability of the study
instrument are determined through pilot study. Data are collected using the study instrument and the application of the
structured interview as means of data collection. Data are analyzed through the application of the descriptive data analysis
approach of frequency and percent.
Results: The study depicts that mothers present different reasons for partial compliance and non-compliance for routine
childhood vaccination schedule.
Conclusion: Reasons for partial compliance for routine childhood vaccination schedule include that the child is ill and family
problem including illness of mother, fear of side effects, the vaccination is postponed until another time in Al-Russafa districts.
These reasons are identified as part of the obstacles, lack of information and lack of motivation reasons and reasons for noncompliance
for routine childhood vaccination schedule include that the child is unvaccinated because of illness, fear of side
effects after vaccination and the time for vaccination is not convenient in Al-Russafa districts in Baghdad City. These reasons
are discovered as the main causes of the vaccination delay.
Recommendations: The study recommends that routine childhood vaccination schedule should be seriously implemented and
monitored. Further national studies can be conducted on such topic and on a wide-range scale.