Pakistan Journal of Medical and

Pakistan Journal of Medical and Health Sciences

Vol. 9, Issue 2, APR – JUN 2015




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Organization and Execution of Public Health

Kamran Aziz

Original Articles


Comparison of Frequency of Neonatal Anemia in Early Vs Delayed Umbilical Cord Clamping

Amir Rashid, Sameea Ikram, Agha Shabbir Ali



Effect of Visible Range Electromagnetic Radiations on Platelets in Thrombocytopenia in Dengue Fever

Samina T. Y. Azeemi, Khalid Mahmood, Rubina Yousaf



Diversity in Response to Thrombolysis with Streptokinase in patients presenting with Acute MI

Imran Waheed, Syed Moazzam Ali Naqvi, Tariq Shakoor, Hassan Ul Banna Ghazi, Jaffer Bin Baqar, BZ Khan



Comparison of the Severity of Postoperative Pain in Stapled vs Open Milligan Morgan Hemorrhoidectomy for Hemorrhoids

Manzar Ali, Masood Ur Rauf Khan, Ali Akbar, Tahir Bandeshah



Development of new External Fixators used in high tibial Osteotomy in the treatment of Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis of the knee joint -Azhar’S Fixators (A.Z FIXATORS)

Mian Muhammad Azhar



A Retrospective Analysis of Ovarian Torsion in Adolescence

Iffat Rizwana, Ahmed A. Abdul Karim, Lulu A. Al Nuaim, H Dakailalha Almake, Z A Kaimkhani, M. Saeed Vohra



Blood Pressure and its Determinants among 3rd and 4th Year Medical Students of a private medical college

Razia Chaudhry, Maham Javed, Khalid Javed Abid



Comparison of Average Cost between Early Versus Delayed Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy in Acute Cholecystitis

Masood Ur Rauf Khan, Ali Akbar, Aamir Javid, Manzar Ali



Ten Grams Daily Intake of Fresh Garlic Lowers B P and increases HDL-Cholesterol

Khalid Niaz, Ajaz Fatima, Abdul Qudoos, Hafiz Moeen Ud Din, Shah Murad



Correlation of Serum Levels of Estradiol and Her2/neu according to BMI and Menopausal Status in patients with Breast Carcinoma

Sadia Qureshi, M Zameer Ahmed, M Tahir Aziz



Frequency of Intranasal Adhesion in Septoplasty without Putting Nasal Splints

Ahmed Rohail, Ayub Ahmed Khan, Aysha Shafi, Rashid Zia, Sajad Akram



Change in the trend of Type-1 Diabetes Mellitus in Children (0-16 years) at the Children’s Hospital/ Institute of Child Health Lahore

Jaida Manzoor, Sommayya Aftab, Shaista Aslam, Hina Sattar, Fareeha Ayaz, TA Butt



Results of High Tibial Osteotomy using A.Z. Fixators in the Treatment of Medial Compartment Osteoarthritis of Knee Joint

Mian Muhammad Azhar



Comparison of Incidence of Gallbladder Perforation in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy with Harmonic Scalpel Vs Electrocautery

Manzar Ali, Ali Akbar, Masood Ur Rauf Khan, Muhammad Hafeez Ullah



Comparison of Efficacy of Bromocriptine Alone Versus Bromocrptine Plus Clomiphene Citrate in the Treatment of Hyperprolactinaemic Infertility

Sidra Iqbal, Samina, Sohail Mahmood Ch



Comparison of Awareness of risk factors for Coronary Artery Disease in medical and non-medical students of Karachi

Hamza Najam Salam, Ali Hasan, Bilal Khan, Hammad Kazmi, Maryam Hasan, Zainab Afzal, M Ahmed, Nadiya Raza, Saqiba Taher, Amara Mashood, Sehreen Mumtaz



Epidemiological Study of Road Traffic Accident Cases

Shagufta Shafi, Yaser Ameer, Riffat Masood, Farhan Ul Amin Menga, Ahmed Tariq



Comparison of Misoprostol and PGF2 Alpha for 2nd Trimester Termination of Pregnancy

Samia Ahmad, Bushra Meraj, Iram Mobusher



Results of Ponseti Technique in Treatment of Ideopathic Club Foot Deformity According to Our Circumstances-Our Experience about Early Results

Mian Muhammad Azhar, Sajid Hussain



Perception of Men Regarding the Barriers Faced during Contraception

Ayaz Ahmed, Sajid Hameed, Zuhaib Ahmed Qazi, Abdul Rahman, Rana M A Khan, M Akhtar, A Sattar Jamali



Frequency and Grading of Liver and Spleen Injuries following Blunt Trauma Abdomen

Summera Siddique, Asghar Ali, Umair Ahmad



Health Status of Industrial Workforce in District Lahore

Awais Gohar, Zubair Hafeez, Muhammad Athar Khan, Ishrat Ali



Frequency of hyperuricemian in hypertensive patients presenting at Dera Ghazi Khan

Muhammad Haroon Bilal, Muhammad Tahir, Naveed Atif Khan



Comparison of Symptomatic Relief of VKC between Topical 0.025% Ketotifen Fumarate and topical 4% Cromolyn Sodium

Rehan Moinuddin Shaikh, Manal Taha Hadrawi, Enam Y Danish



Comparison of Ionized Calcium and Albumin Corrected Total Calcium Concentration in Renal Failure Patients at Shalamar Hospital Lahore

Nusrat Alavi, Warda Hussain, Aneela Asghar, Farzana Yasmeen, T Butt, Umair Asim, Asim Mumtaz



Study of Bacteria isolated from Urinary Tract Infections and to Determine their Susceptibility for Antibiotics at a Teaching Hospital

Naima Javed, Farah Amir Ali, Habib Subhani, Farida Manzur



Topical Effects of Glycolic Acid on Skin Histology of Albino Mice

Muhammad Akram, Rukhsana Jabeen, Nazia Siddique




Profile of Firearm Autopsies in Multan- A Five Year Study

Mariam Arif, Mushtaq Ahmad



Identification and Antibiotic Susceptibility of Pseudomonas Isolates from Otitis Externa

Shahnaz Akhtar, Aesha Talat, Mudassara S`aqib, R Khurshid, A Malik, R Iqbal, Hayattunnisa, Kalsoom Hafza.



Frequency of Occult Neck Metastasis in Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Oral Cavity

Ahmed Rohail, Ayub Ahmed Khan, Khurram



Frequency of Bicytopenia in Malaria

Samina Ali Asgher, Bushra Ghulam, Muhammad Jareer Ahsen



Do Postoperative Drains after Emergency Laparotomy Prevent Deep Surgical Site Infection?

Shabab Hussain, Muhammad Tanvir Iqbal, Zubair Ahmad, Umar Farooq Dar



Complications of Rigid Bronchoscopy during Foreign Body Removal in Children

Muhammad Riaz Khan, Raza Muhammad, Saleem Khan, Zakir Khan



Outcome of External Frontoethmoidectomy with Sphenoidotomy in Invasive Fungal Rhinosinusitis

Muhammad Iqbal, Sahibzada Fawad Khan, Abdul Latif



Tuberculous Mastitis - a Diagnostic Dilemma

Faiza Farooq



To Determine Prevalence of Tuberculosis among Children Admitted at Tertiary Care Center of Quetta

Mobin-Ur-Rehman Khan, Shamyal Mandokhel, Ijaz Hussain



Laparoscopic Total Extra-peritoneal Inguinal Hernia Repair: Our Experience at Fatima Memorial Hospital, Lahore

Aasim Malik, Ghulam Mustafa, Junaid Khan Lodhi, Asif Iqbal



Fetal Outcome in Preterm Cesarean Section

Shamila Tasneem, Sadia Shaukat, Saira Yunus



Role of Post-Placental Insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) in Multiparous Women

Safia Perveen, Alina Shirazi, Anum Saleemi



Frequency of Acquired Antithrombin III Deficiency in pts with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation

Aliya Aslam, M. Javed Asif, Ayesha Imtiaz, M. Dilawar Khan, M Akbar Chaudhry, Ikram-ul-Haq, Irtaqa Ali



Frequency of Prematurity in Gestational Protein Urea Vs Non Protein Urea Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Samina, Sidra Iqbal, Shakila Yasmeen, Imran Qaisar



Correlation of Mother Milk Sodium Levels in Term Mothers with Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia

Sadia Bashir, Zahid Rashid, Humaira Shaheen



A morphological study of Mental Foramen in adult human mandibles of unknown age and sex

Muhammad Habib Ur Rehman, Aruna Bashir, Humara Gulnaz



Relation between Grade of Varicocele & Improvement in Semen Parameter after Microvaricocelectomy

Fawad Nasrullah, Muhammad Safdar Khan, Muhammad Azeem Mughal, Ahmad Salaman Waris



Comparison of Mean Time for Jaw Relaxation between Sevoflurane and Propofol for Insertion of Laryngeal Mask Airway in Adult Patients

Muhammad Aatir Fayyaz, Hasan Raz, Ali Ammar Khan



Clinical Profile and Outcome in a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit in Pakistan

Asim Khurshid, M Azam Khan, Maria Saleem, Fauzia Zafar



Comparison of the Surface Cautery and Submucuos Diathermy in Relation to Relief of Nasal Obstruction

Imran Saeed, Muhammad Akhlaq, Abdur Rehman



Frequency of Root Canals in Mandibular Anterior Teeth of patients–in vitro study

Sher Muhammad, Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui, Rehman Shahid



Risk Factors of Jaundice in Neonates at DHQ Teaching Hospital Dera Ghazi Khan

Shakeel Ahmed, Mukhtar Ahmad, Tayyaba Rafique



Lipid Profile in patients receiving Hepatitis treatment

Syed Muhammad Ahsan Raza, Fakhar-un-Nisa, Saima Batool, Rakhshanda Jabeen



The Most Common Presenting Complaints of patients attending Dept of Op Dentistry, NI Dentistry, Multan

Muhammad Ismail Siddiqui, M Javed Iqbal, Aisha Idrees, R Shahid, S Hussain, A Khalid, S Sheikh, E Zainab



Frequency of Polycystic Ovarian Disease in Sub-fertility in DHQ Teaching Hospital DG Khan

Humaira Shaheen, Sadia Nazir, Bilqees Ara, Shagufta Tabassum



Diagnostic Accuracy of CT Scan Paranasal Sinuses in Fungal Sinusitis with Operative Findings

Saulat Sarfraz, Sarfraz Latif, Monica Rajpal



Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Hepatitis C Infection among Doctors and Dentists in Lahore

Abdul Majeed Akhtar, Sadia Majeed, Mohammad Jamil, Shamsa Kanwal



An Audit of Thyroid Function in Patients with Goiter- a tertiary care hospital experience

Khurshid Anwar, Habib Ur Rehman, Muneeb Khan, Isteraj Shahabi



Our experience of Neonatal Circumcision under Local anaesthesia at Avicenna Hospital and Medical College Lahore

Khalid Mahmood Nizami, M. Zahid Akbar Chohan, Fatima Ahmad, Mahanmood Alam, M. Fakher



Comparison of Exercise Tolerance Tests and Thallium 201/MIBI Scan in the Diagnosis of IHD

Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Abrar Ahmad, Jahanzeb Khan



Tympanometry Findings before and after medical treatment in Secretory Otitis Media

Raza Muhammad, Sohail Ahmad Malik, Tahir Haroon, Johar Iqba2, Fazal Rehman, Zakir Khan, Munib Khan



Mosquito Coil Smoke Inhalation Effects on Interstitium of Kidney of Albino Rats

Nazia Siddique, Shakeela Nazir, Rukhsana Jabeen



Alteration of Serum Biochemical Markers and Malondialdehyde Levels in Patients with Thyroid Gland Dysfunction Receiving Interferon Therapy

Mahwish Arooj, Humaira Shoukat, Maria Masood, Mahmood Husain Qazi, Abdul Manan, Saeed Ismail, Mahmood Rasool, Arif Malik



Thrombocytosis: Frequency and Etiologic Analysis

Asma Saadia, Saima Farhan, Toqeer Ali Butt, Asim Mumtaz



Agricultural Machine Injuries - A Significant Cause of Morbidity

M Faisal Bilal Lodhi, Muhammad Yaqoob, Khalid Pervaiz, Sofia Irfan, M Akram, Durechaman, Asadullah Malik



Epistaxis - Assessment of Aetiology and Effectiveness of Treatment Modalities

Abdur Rehman, Faisal Rafiq, Bilal Hussain



Electrophysiological Grading of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Muhammad Wazir Ali Khan



Comparison of Quality of Life between patients with Anxiety Disorders and Healthy Subjects

Qambar. M. Bokhari, Sumira Q. Bokhari, Rabia Majeed, M. Nasar Sayeed Khan



Short and Long-Term Results of Stapled Vs Conventional Hemorrhoidectomy; Our Experience

Kiran Siddiqui, Hasham Akram Choudhary, Usman Aslam, Abul Fazal Ali Khan



Outcome of Tibial Shaft Fractures Treated by Close Intramedullary Nail

Omer Khalid Farooq, Inam-ur-Rahim, Mustafa Nawaz, Zahid Akbar, Faisal Nazir Hussain, Talat Bashir Khan, Nusrat Ali



Effects of Type of Intrauterine Anesthesia on Neurophysiological Assessment of Newborn Babies

Shmyla Hamid, Rashid Iqbal, Saqib Sohail



Frequency of Upper Gastrointestinal Tract Lesions as detected on Endoscopic Biopsies in Patients Presenting with Iron Deficiency Anemia at a tertiary care hospital in Lahore

Nasir Ahmed, Usman Javed Iqbal, Hafiz Moeen ud Din



Comparison of Titanium Elastic Nailing vs Hip Spica Cast in Treatment of Femoral Shaft Fractures in Children between 6-12 Years of Age

Ishfaq Ahmad, Haroon-ur-Rehman Gilani, Kashif Rasool, Adnan Rasool



Frequency of Helicobacter Pylori Infection in patients with Minimal Hepatic Encephalopathy

Mahmood Ahmad, Sabeen Farhan, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Muhammad Naeem Afzal



Upper Gastrointestinal Bleed, a Grave yet Precipitating Factor of Hepatic Encephalopathy in Cirrhotic patients

Naveed Aslam, Sabeen Farhan, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Amina Husnain



Frequency of Rectal Varices in patients with Portal Hypertension Secondary to Cirrhosis

Imran Babar, Sabeen Farhan, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Naseer Umer



Frequency of Shisha Smoking among the Medical and Dental Students with Habit of Smoking

Ijaz Hussain, Azhar Bashir, Bahzad Akram Khan, Ghazanfar Ali Sirhindi



Comparison of Gallbladder Retrieval through Umbilical Port Versus Subxiphoid Port in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy

Azhar Bashir, Ahmad Uzair Qureshi, Sikander Afzal



Frequency of Hypotension after Induction of Anesthesia with Propofol using Prophylactic Intramuscular Ephedrine Versus Sterile Water

Mohsin Zahoor, Riaz Hussain, Amna Tahir, Tahir Nazeer



Comparison between IgG Antibodies and Urease Activity to Helicobacter pylori in patients with different Gastroduodenal conditions

Khalid-ur-Rehman, Ijaz Anwar, Anser Asrar



Vitamin B12, Serum Ferritin and Iron status in patients with and without H. Pylori infection

Saqib Sohail, Shmyla Hamid, Ijaz Anwar, Saim Khawar, Hamid Javed Qureshi



Detection of Frequency of Hepatitis C Patients with Fatty Liver and Impact of Interferon on Fatty Liver Improvement

Nasir Siddique, Muhammad Shakil, Muhammad Ikram Ullah



Comparison of Ketamine Gargles with Placebo for reducing Postoperative Sore throat

Muhammad Waseem Rabbani, Muhammad Yousaf, Bushra



Comparison of Spinal Anaesthesia Induced Fall in Blood Pressure in Normotensive and Hypertensive Patients

Muhammad Yousaf, Muhammad Waseem Rabbani, Mirza Shakeel Ahmad



Serum Immunoglobulin Levels in Patients with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) and Multiple Myeloma (MM)

Anila Asghar, Shakeel Ahmad, Arif Rasheed Malik, Kamran Aziz, Saim Khawar



Yield of Lumbar Puncture in Children of Age Six Months to Eighteen Months Who Presented with their first Complex Febrile Seizures

Muhammad Arshad, Rabeya Rehman, Naima Javed, Farah Hafeez



Outcome of Open Reduction and Internal Fixation of Traumatic Unstable Pelvic Ring Fractures

Rafik Abu-Ramadan, Zulfikar Ali Qureshi, Gabraldar Abdalla Abdelrahim



Gallbladder Retrieval in Three Ports Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy: Umbilical Port versus Subxiphoid Port

Muhammad Shabbir Ahmad, Mian Umar Javed, Abu Raihan Zabd-Ur-Rehman Qureshi, Umar Farooq Dar, Usman Imtiaz, Atif Ayuob



Open Hemorrhoidectomy with and without Chemical Sphincterotomy: A Randomized Control Trial

Abu Raihan Zabd-Ur-Rehman Qureshi, Muhammad Arif Azeem, Fowad Karim, Umar Farooq Dar, Muhammad Waseem Anwar, Usman Imtiaz



frequency of Irregular vaginal bleeding in women using Femplant

Syed Muhammad Ali, Sobia Mazhar, Sajjad Masood



Frequency of Pregnancy Following Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling in Patients with Clomiphene Resistant Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Syed Muhammad Ali, Sobia Mazhar, Sajjad Masood

Case Report


Adult Hirschsprung’s Disease; a case report of total Colonic Aganglionosis (Zuelzer-Wilson Syndrome)

Kiran Siddiqui, Hasham Akram Choudhary, Abul Fazal Ali Khan